Commercial Airplanes Fact Sheet

As of June 30, 2018

Aircraft Production Rate Future Changes Backlog Key Facts / Dates
52 / mo Plan to increase to 57/mo in 2019 4,667 airplanes
  • Over 10,000 737 produced, the first commercial jet to reach this milestone
  • The 737 MAX has an 8% lower operating cost than its main competitor
  • Captured over 4,600 orders for 737 MAX since launch
  • First delivery of the 737 MAX 8 in May 2017
  • First delivery of the 737 MAX 9 in March 2018
  • Completed first flight of the 737 MAX 7 in 1Q18
  • Completed firm configuration on the 737 MAX 10 in 1Q18
  • Over 150 737 MAXs delivered to-date
0.5 / mo

23 airplanes
  • 747-8 selected as next U.S. Presidential Aircraft
  • UPS ordered 14 additional 747-8 freighters in 1Q18
2.5 / mo
Plan to increase to 3/mo in 2020
109 airplanes
  • FedEx announced order in 2Q18 for 12 767 Freighters
  • Potential market of up to 400 tanker aircraft worth $80 billion
  • Expect to deliver the first KC-46 Tanker aircraft in October

5 / mo

96 airplanes
  • More than 1,500 aircraft in-service
  • Over 70 customers
  • Over 600 aircraft have been in service more than 10 years
777X Learn more
In development - 326 airplanes
  • Largest product launch in commercial jetliner history
  • New engines and composite wings (built in the Composite Wing Center); existing 777 fuselage
  • First two test airplanes moved into the low-rate initial production line in 2Q18
  • Began systems testing in 2Q18
  • First delivery targeted for 2020
12 / mo
Plan to increase to 14/mo in 2019
655 airplanes
  • Fastest twin aisle to over one million passenger flights
  • Over 180 new non-stop markets planned or already connected by the 787
  • First delivery of the 787-10 in March 2018

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Defense, Space & Security Fact Sheet

As of June 30, 2018

Segments Key Facts
  • First flight of second production-ready T-X aircraft in 2Q17
  • Awarded a design contract for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent in 3Q17
  • Selected by SES to design and build seven medium earth orbit satellites in 3Q17
  • Awarded a contract with the U.S. Air Force to provide 36 advanced F-15 fighter aircraft to Qatar in 4Q17
  • KC-46 Tanker program completed fuel load-on certification testing in 1Q18 and in 2Q18 completed all flight tests required to deliver the first aircraft in October
  • Finalized a production contract for 28 F/A-18 Super Hornets for Kuwait in 2Q18
  • Awarded a contract for the final C-17 for India in 1Q18
  • Awarded an extension for Ground-based Midcourse Defense development and sustainment from the Missile Defense Agency in 1Q18
  • Second Commercial Crew spacecraft achieved power-on in 1Q18
  • First Space Launch System intertank hardware was delivered to NASA in 1Q18
  • Awarded a contract for 18 F/A-18 Super Hornets for the U.S. Navy in 2Q18
  • Awarded a multi-year contract for 58 V-22 Osprey aircraft in 2Q18
  • Completed production of the 100th P-8 Poseidon aircraft in 2Q18

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Global Services Fact Sheet

As of March 31, 2018

Segments Key Facts
  • Awarded a contract from the Defense Logistics Agency for F/A-18 spare parts in 3Q17
  • Awarded a contract from Italian Air Force for performance-based logistics for the KC-767A tanker in 3Q17
  • More than 60 airlines operating over 2,500 airplanes enrolled in Global Fleet Care
  • Awarded a contract for F-15 Qatar Sustainment in 4Q17
  • Signed agreement with Aeromexico for the 787 landing gear exchange program in 1Q18
  • Signed new distribution agreement for T700 engines in 1Q18
  • Secured services contract from the Royal Canadian Air Force for Chinook fleet in 1Q18
  • Awarded an F-15 support contract from the Royal Saudi Air Force in 1Q18
  • Released Self-Service Analytics to complement our digital solutions portfolio in 1Q18
  • Awarded a Global Fleet Care contract for Primera Air’s 737 fleet in 2Q18
  • Contracted to implement crew management solutions at Etihad Airways in 2Q18
  • Delivered the first 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter in 2Q18
  • Entered into an agreement to acquire KLX Aerospace in 2Q18
  • Agreed to a strategic partnership with Safran for auxiliary power units in 2Q18

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